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5. ALASKA WILD SALMON: We travel to the icy waters of Alaska, where Chef Matt Little Dog guides us through the remarkable story of wild salmon and goes fishing next to hungry grizzly bears.

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6. NORTH CAROLINA CAVIAR: Chef Jacques Pépin travels the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains to find out where one of his favorite ingredients comes from — American caviar from Sunburst Trout.

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7. ICELAND COD & LAMB: Chef Jeff Tunks fishes for cod in pristine fjords, chats with Icelandic fishermen and travels across the glaciers to round up free-range sheep, in the tradition of the Vikings.

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8. CHESAPEAKE BAY CRAB: Washington D.C.'s Chef Todd Gray and veteran "waterman" Beatrice Taylor go on a sailing adventure in the Chesapeake Bay to catch one of his favorite ingredients — soft-shell crab.

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"Chefs A' Field looks scrumptious..." Chicago Tribune
"A very refreshing counter-culture in culinary tv..." Seattle Weekly
"Chefs A' Field makes it all simple: Tune in, watch, cook, enjoy." The Village Voice
2004 James Beard Foundation Award
"Best National Television Cooking Show"
Golden Eagle Award

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