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Chefs A' Field
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1. VERMONT MAPLE PIZZA: Chef Schenk learns how to tap maple trees for their sugar and joins farmer Easty Long in making maple syrup, a secret ingredient in the chef's renowned flatbread pizza.

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2. SURFING FARMER: L.A.'s hottest chef joins farmer Phil McGrath, grower of the best fruit and vegetables in California, to harvest organic strawberries, tomatoes, squash and beans.

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3. COSTA RICA SUGAR: New York's most celebrated pastry chef takes us to the root of her sweet desserts in beautiful Costa Rica where she plants, harvests and processes organic sugar cane by hand.

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4. KANSAS CITY CHICKENS: Husband-and-wife cooking team Debbie Gold and Michael Smith—renowned for innovative menus - harvest tomatoes, squash, potatoes and gather eggs at Campo Lindo Farms.

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"Chefs A' Field looks scrumptious..." Chicago Tribune
"A very refreshing counter-culture in culinary tv..." Seattle Weekly
"Chefs A' Field makes it all simple: Tune in, watch, cook, enjoy." The Village Voice
2004 James Beard Foundation Award
"Best National Television Cooking Show"
Golden Eagle Award

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